Spider Veins

Treating Spider Veins in Fitzpatrick 5 & 6 Patients

Some of the most difficult superficial veins to treat are those dilated telangiectasia especially in patients that are Fitzpatrick Type V & VI. In these patients, a combination of techniques is used including sclerotherapy and micro-surgical techniques. All of these veins are treated with micro-incisions after sclerotherapy. This greatly prevents staining. You can learn more […]

Using Micro-Surgical Techniques to Permanently Remove Spider Veins #Water’sEdgeDermatology

As is evident in fig. 1 there is clotting in a treated spider vein 5 min post injection. This patient is Hispanic type4 on the fitzpatrick scale. In some patients I use a special technique to remove the spider vein. Easy to do with a little practice. Will be discussing this at future Aesthetic Vein […]