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Aesthetic Vein Training

Vein Training

Founded by Dr. Ronald Bush, MD, FACS, Aesthetic Vein Training is dedicated to supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals by offering conferences, symposiums, and one-on-one training in a clinical setting.

A Note from Dr. Ronald Bush

All too often the treatment of venous disease for most clinicians is just addressing saphenous insufficiency. Many physicians that treat venous disease have a very limited knowledge of the pathophysiology of large and small vessel disease. Most vein conferences cover the same material year after year with little new information. In order to have a successful vein practice in the future, the physician will have to address all facets of venous disease.

Insurance reimbursements are decreasing rapidly and may disappear forever for the treatment of venous disease. Frankly, 80% of all patients even with varicosities can be classified as cosmetic. The vast majority of patients that you will see in a practice that is dedicated to the treatment of venous disease will be cosmetic issues related to spider telangiectasia or veins of the face and hands.

Based on years of clinical experience and research in the dermatopathology lab, I have developed techniques that will improve patient outcome, avoid complications and give you the physician a sound grounding in all aspects of venous disease.



Guide to treating face veins

A Guide To Treating Face Veins

A manual about treating cosmetically unacceptable facial veins. Techniques to treat frontal, temporal, suborbital and periocular veins. Treating venous lake tumors safely. Pearls on avoiding potential complications.

‘A Wonderful Resource’
Read review by Joseph D. Raffetto, MD

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