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Aesthetic Vein Training: The Khan Academy of Phlebology Training!

"Ron and Peggy Bush have developed a unique series of in depth videos that introduces both the novice and experienced Phlebologist to their highly effective and practical approach to treating all aspects of superficial venous disease, especially small vessel disease. These videos are packed full of new concepts and techniques that, if adapted, will enhance any Phlebology practice. Top it off with a visit to their clinic in sunny Florida and you are well on your way to mastering these techniques. Aesthetic Vein Training is a game changer! I highly recommend it."

John F Gallagher MD,FACS,RVT,RPV
Island Vein Specialists

Aesthetic Vein Courses & More

These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed. New content shared frequently. Information found nowhere else! Sign up for the courses today & we will ship you a complimentary book ‘A Guide to Treating Face Veins!’. Become a member today!

  • New techniques in the treatment of superficial veins that will improve your cosmetic results.
  •  Discussions on the proper dosage and techniques in sclerotherapy
  •  The etiology of angiogenesis and how it is treated
  •  The safe treatment of facial veins with foam sclerotherapy
  •  Treating hand veins using different modalities such as laser, sclerotherapy & microphlebectomy
  •  Avoiding complications in treating superficial veins
  •   Handling complications if they occur
  •  The manifestations of cutaneous venous hypertension
  •  Histology of telangiectasia and the dermal tissues and how this affects your treatment
  •   Many case studies
  •  Using exit phlebectomy for large varicosities will minimize operative time and improve outcomes
  •  How to identify and treat superficial venous aneurysms
  •   Lateral reticular subdermal plexus – Most common etiology of spider varicosities 

Aesthetic Vein Courses Available Now

  1. Diluting Sclerosants
  2. Face Veins Part 1
  3. Excess Clotting After Sclerotherapy
  4. Cutaneous Venous Hypertension
  5. Subdermal Tumescent Assisted Sclerotherapy
  6. Staining – Hemosiderin Deposition After Sclerotherapy
  7. Treating Small Red Veins with VeinGogh
  8. Case Study – Unusual Presentation of CEAP 2
  9. Treatment for Enlarged Hand Veins Part 1
  10. Aneurysmal Dilatations of Telangiectasia
  11. Part 2 – Treatment of Periocular Intraorbital Veins
  12. Treatment of Angiogenesis
  13. Histology of Spider Vein Aneurysms
  14. VEINCLOSE RF Catheter
  15. Dermaka Cream Information
  16. Hand Veins Part II
  17. Spider Veins Medial Thigh
  18. Isolated Spider Complex Often Due to Perforators
  19. The Exit PhlebectomyTry this course at no charge
  20. Telangiectasia's Around the Ankle

$350.00/ year 

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