All-natural topical cream

Dermaka is a revolutionary new, all-natural topical cream highly recommended for use in the pre and post treatment period prior to and following many procedures included but not limited to sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation, and phlebectomy. Dermaka has been found to be an effective treatment for post treatment bruising and inflammation, typically following venous procedures. Arnica gel/cream was simply not producing optimal results, especially when the post treatment sequalae of these procedures becomes quite significant for many patients.

With the help of an experienced chemist over a 2-year period, dermaka was perfected. The goal was for the development of a natural product utilizing inert ingredients to minimize any potential for allergic reactions. Dermaka cream is proving to be effective for a variety of procedures including laser peels, minor surgical procedures, senile purpura, and even for pre-laser interventions.

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