Vein Training

Founded by Dr. Ronald Bush, MD, FACS, Aesthetic Vein Training is dedicated to supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals by offering conferences, symposiums, and one-on-one training in a clinical setting.

AVT provides training for physicians that treat veins and venous disease, as well as nurses and RVT’s that specialize in vein care.  We cover a variety of topics including leg veins, facial veins, breast veins, arm/hand veins, cutaneous venous hypertension, perforators and more.

If you are contemplating starting a vein care practice, or currently have a vein care practice, we can also show you how to run a successful vein treatment center.

We offer one day or two day training sessions with our physicians where you will have the opportunity to directly observe vein procedures, ask questions, discuss techniques and more.

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Vein Training with Dr. Bush

Topics Demonstrated and/or Discussed


  • Using ultrasound and skin illumination to identify the origin of spider telangiectasia and reticular veins
  • Sclerotherapy using foam and liquid
  • Micro-Surgical techniques
  • Ohmic thermolysis for vessels < 0.3 mm
  • Lasers as an adjunctive treatment
  • Preventing and treating complications
  • Angiogenesis – How to avoid?
  • Pre- and post care



  • Foam sclerotherapy to larger reticular veins of the face using foam sclerotherapy based on the anatomy of the venous system
  • When are micro-surgical techniques warranted?
  • Ohmic thermolysis for red telangiectasia of the face
  • When is a laser warranted?
  • Preventing and treating complications
  • Pre- and post care


  • Safe and effective treatment
  • Pre- and post care


  • Combining foam sclerotherapy and micro-phlebectomy for unsightly hand veins
  • Pre- and post care


  • What it is and how to treat it


  • Approximately 70% of all spider complexes have a pathologic refluxing perforator 


  • Become proficient in the field of aesthetic venous treatment
  • Sell products

100% of training fees are donated to Helping Hands Children’s Home, Kathmandu, Nepal