March 18, 2020

The only course that focuses on cosmetic venous treatment.   


“The Aesthetic Vein Training Symposium is one of a kind. Dr. Bush walks you through the basic setup of sclerotherapy and easy to follow how-to videos of his procedures. There was plenty of cutting-edge content addressing the deep venous system, as well as advanced cosmetic procedures of the face and hands. The conference is small enough to be able to talk to the faculty and make new connections to providers from all over the US. As a Cardiologist, I particularly liked that all approaches were guided by a detailed review of anatomy and backed up by detailed histology follow-up by Dr. Bush.”

Christian Zellner, MD


“Thank you so much for your seminar on vein treatment. I learned more in 8 hours with you than I have in my whole 10+ years in the vein world. To find others that are both passionate about vein care and vein health, and willing to share that knowledge, is nothing short of a treasure. I look forward to visiting your clinic soon!”

Rebecca Hunter, RVT

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Ronald Bush, MD, FACS – Course Director

Peggy Bush, APRN – Faculty



Before                                              After

Spider Veins Session (Objectives)

  • Understanding the histology
  • Recognize the pathways of pathophysiology
  • Demonstrate new techniques that provide for rapid clearance and improved cosmetic results
  • New sclerosant solutions
  • Utilizing micro-surgical techniques
  • Avoiding complications
  • Post treatment care

Facial Veins (Objectives)

  • Understand the complex venous network
  • Avoid potential complications when treating
  • Demonstrate the use of foam sclerotherapy as the primary treatment for all large facial veins
  • Safer and more effective than any laser
  • Post treatment care

 Hand Veins (Objectives)

  • Recognize the variations in venous anatomy
  • Avoid nerve injury or other complications
  • When to perform micro-phlebectomy or foam sclerotherapy
  • Illustrate the technique of hand vein phlebectomy
  • Post treatment care

Breast/Chest Veins (Objectives)

  • When and how to treat
  • Avoid potential complications when treating

Cosmetic Venous Issues That Commonly Occur After Reconstructive Surgery

 Obtaining Superior Cosmetic Results for Patients With Varicosities


  • Cutaneous Venous Hypertension and Telangiectasia
  • Using the Ultrasound to Improve Treatment of Spider Veins
  • The Histology of Spider Veins and How This Guides Treatment
  • Techniques of Sclerotherapy and Avoiding Complications
  • Tumescent assisted sclerotherapy
  • Flushing Techniques for Spider Vein Treatment
  • Faster Resolution Using Micro-Surgical Techniques for the Treatment of Spider Veins
  • Pre and Post Sclerotherapy Care Makes a Difference
  • Types of Spider Veins That Will Never Respond to Sclerotherapy
  • Angiogenesis – Improving Outcomes
  • Thermal Adjuncts for Treating Telangiectasia
  • Treating the Cosmetically Unacceptable Facial Veins Safely – Supra Trochelar, Temporal & Peri-Orbital
  • Breast Veins: Treatment & Avoiding Complications
  • Hand Veins: Modalities of Treatment Using Sclerotherapy, Phlebectomy & Laser

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