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Treating Varicose Veins on the Feet are More Demanding Technically

Foot veins present a cosmetic issue for many patients. These veins are actually branches of the superficial dorsal venous plexus. Careful dissection must be done to prevent any cutaneous nerve injury and larger incisions must be used. Find out more about this technique at the next ‘Aesthetic Vein Conference’, April 27, 2019, West Palm Beach […]


Treating Pre-tarsal and Peri-Ocular Veins at the Same Time!

  AESTHETIC  VEIN CONFERENCE – West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel! October 13, 2018 The only conference that focuses on cosmetic venous treatment.    REVIEW “Thank you so much for your seminar on vein treatment. I learned more in 8 hours with you than I have in my whole 10+ years in the vein world. To find […]


Stasis Dermatitis – Difficult to Clear Once it Occurs

Stasis dermatitis is a very common presentation in patients with venous disease. As you can see from the histology slide, this is secondary to marked iron deposition in the reticular papillary dermis. This is the result of hemosiderin deposition after red cell leaking into the dermis itself. Find out ways to treat this at the […]


Avoid the ‘Venous Triangle of Concern’ When Injecting Facial Veins!

This is the ‘Venous Triangle of concern’ when injecting facial veins. Foam must be kept of out of  this area to avoid potential serious complications. The treatment of facial veins will be discussed in detail at the Aesthetic Vein Conference, on October 23, 2018, at West Palm Beach, FL, Marriott Hotel. Once you know the […]


Large Spider Reticular Complex Posterior Leg

Using just sclerotherapy alone would give you a poor cosmetic result. You must use multiple modalities and new techniques to treat spider complexes such as this one. Find out more at the Aesthetic Vein Conference, West Palm Beach, FL, October 13, 2018!  


Dr. Zvonimir Krajcer will be presenting at Aesthetic Vein Conference on October 13, 2018!

Dr. Krajcer is a member of Texas Heart Institute’s Professional Staff Leadership team and serves as the Director or Peripheral Vascular Diseases. He is an active member of the Texas Heart Institute Cardiovacular Disease Fellowship Program at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center teaching staff, training our next generation of physician scientist and interventional cardiologists. His […]


Aesthetic Vein Conference, October 13, 2018, West Palm Beach, Florida

Using new techniques, you can treat difficult complexes in just one treatment. Find out how at Aesthetic Vein Conference, October 13, 2018, West Palm Beach, Florida!           SPONSORS: Contact Paul Kortz at: 407-900-8346   West Palm Beach Marriott             $400 for Admission Email or call for more […]