What are Varicose Veins and Spider Veins and What Causes Them?

Varicose veins are dilated veins near the surface of the skin that occur secondary to weakened valves and veins in your legs. In veins, there are one-way valves that keep blood flowing from your legs back up to your heart. When the valves are not functioning properly, blood collects in the veins in your legs […]

Treating the Most Common Pattern of Telangiectasia

Find out how to identify the pathology associated with the lateral reticular subdermal plexus and important points on techniques of treatment that hasten resolution and minimize complications.  Attend the Aesthetics Vein Course at Venous Symposium 2020, Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, New York City, March 18, 2020!   Lateral Reticular Spider Veins   Aesthetic […]

Get Superior Cosmetic Results Using the STIF Technique

This is 3 weeks after treatment using sclerotherapy, tumescent, injections, & flushing (STIF. You will get superior cosmetic results using these techniques. Find out more at Aesthetic Vein Conference, April 27, 2019, West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel, FL. Contact us at veinmedconsultants@gmail.com or call us at 407-900-8346!   Before 3 Weeks After  

Sclerotherapy Tumescent Incision Flush (STIF Technique)

The secret to effective and rapid clearance of spider veins. Two months post 1 treatment Using four modalities leads to rapid resolution of spider veins with minimal post treatment sequelae. Aesthetic Vein Conference – April 27, 2019, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel, Florida! veinmedconsultants@gmail.com 407-900-8346 Limited seats remaining.  

Venous Aneurysms in Close Proximity to the SFJ – How Do You Treat?

How do you safely treat venous aneurysms this size when they are in close proximity to the junction? Surgery? RF? Thermal Ablation? Glue? Foam? Find out how at the ‘Aesthetic Vein Conference,’ April 27, 2019! The conference sold out but, we can add 10 more attendees. Contact us today at veinmedconsultants@gmail.com or call us at […]

Treating the Prominent Superior Labial Vein

The superior labial vein may become dilated and prominent in some patients following injections of fillers into the lip or malar folds. Treatment in this area must be carefully done due to the close proximity of the Superior Labial Artery. Find out the safe techniques to treat this vein at Aesthetic Vein Conference, West Palm […]