Why recommend dermaka cream post aesthetic procedures or treatments

Histological studies have been done before & after using dermaka cream. A bruise is essentially red cells in the reticular dermis. There is a rapid resolution of the red cells demonstrated by histological analysis, that is noticeable at 4 days. Dermaka  cream also includes bromeliad which has enzymatic properties that also act in synergy with arnica.

Difficult to say what really happens at the cellular level but, we know by histological studies that it does work. We have also done clinical trials compared to no use at all which, show rapid resolution of bruising as well as inflammatory changes.

Dr. Ron Bush and Peggy Bush, MSN, ACNS-BC, at Water’s Edge Dermatology, recommend the use of dermaka cream on all patients that have minor surgical procedures, endovenous ablations and sclerotherapy. The patients report post procedures that there is less discomfort after using the cream. Prolonged use of dermaka cream aides in the lightening of staining that can occur after procedures. The reason it aides in resolution of skin darkening is that there is a high concentration of licorice extract which, blocks the activation of Tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is essential for melanin production.

Instructional Video Regarding Dermaka Cream