Dr. Luke Matar Will Present at UIP World Congress, in Melbourne, Australia!

Our good friend Dr. Luke Matar, will be presenting at UIP World Congress, in Melbourne, Australia, February 4-8, 2018. Dr. Matar spent time with Dr. Bush at Water’s Edge Dermatology, Florida and they discussed many new cutting edge techniques to treat spider veins.       Luke Matar, MBBS, FRANZCR, FACP   Ronald Bush, MD, […]

Why recommend dermaka cream post aesthetic procedures or treatments

Histological studies have been done before & after using dermaka cream. A bruise is essentially red cells in the reticular dermis. There is a rapid resolution of the red cells demonstrated by histological analysis, that is noticeable at 4 days. Dermaka  cream also includes bromeliad which has enzymatic properties that also act in synergy with […]

Testimonial From Fareeha Khan, MD, FACC

“Dr.Bush is a man who best embodies what is, or what should be, at heart of the medical profession: generosity. I was fortunate enough to witness first hand his genuine interest in venous innovation. And perhaps most tellingly, Dr. Bush reminded my why precisely chose to pursue vascular fellowship all those years ago: a desire […]