How do you treat small red veins? #smallredveins

Question:  Can you tell me what laser you use in your practice and will you be able possibly address the challenges we are having with leg blushing/tiny red tees too small for sclero? We have BBL and NdYag.



We use dornier 940 nm laser for both EVLT’s & treatment of telangiectasia as an adjunct to sclerotherapy.
For veins < 0.3 mm, we use ohmic thermolysis (VeinGogh). Works well but, certain steps must be taken.
Pretreat with dermaka cream & do subdermal tumescent.
For diffuse blushing, IPL is the best treatment since, the veins are very superficial. However, with magnification, if there is a visible vein, treat with ohmic thermolysis first.
We use sclerotherapy first and treat veins we can’t access with laser & ohmic.