New Techniques in Spider Vein Treatment & Diagnosis

All spider veins have an origin. This spider complex is the most difficult to treat due to the high flow that actually is the etiology of this complex. There is an arterial venous component secondary to a branch from the AAGSV. We will cover the most effective type of treatment for this particular complex. Treatment is based on anatomical and physiological characteristics of spider complexes. There are many different etiologies of spider complexes and treatment differs. Techniques for treatment are based on extensive research in a dermatopathology lab and only presented at this conference.

 This conference will change the way you treat venous disease.










April 14, 2018

October 13, 2018

The only conference that focuses on cosmetic venous treatment.   

Ronald Bush, MD, FACS – Course Director




Describing Cutaneous Venous Hypertension from Spider Veins to Ulcers

Spider Veins Session (Objectives)

  • Understanding the histology
  • Recognize the pathways of pathophysiology
  • Demonstrate new techniques that provide for rapid clearance and improved cosmetic results
  • New sclerosant solutions
  • Utilizing micro-surgical techniques
  • Avoiding complications
  • Post treatment care

Facial Veins (Objectives)

  • Understand the complex venous network
  • Avoid potential complications when treating
  • Demonstrate the use of foam sclerotherapy as the primary treatment for all large facial veins
  • Safer and more effective than any laser
  • Post treatment care

 Hand Veins (Objectives)

  • Recognize the variations in venous anatomy
  • Avoid nerve injury or other complications
  • When to perform micro-phlebectomy or foam sclerotherapy
  • Illustrate the technique of hand vein phlebectomy
  • Post treatment care

Breast/Chest Veins (Objectives)

  • When and how to treat
  • Avoid potential complications when treating

Cosmetic Venous Issues That Commonly Occur After Reconstructive Surgery

 Obtaining Superior Cosmetic Results for Patients With Varicosities

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

  •  Perforators – To Treat or Not
  • Saphenous Ablations – Makes no difference what modality is used
  • Phlebectomy – Superior results with one incision
  • Recognizing A-V fistulas of the saphenous vein
  • Difficult case studies

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