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We use VG and have no issues. We probably use our VG here in FL 2-3 times a day with our sclero txs. We use this device on small red veins on the face.


  • Use ice on the face
  • Use tumescent or ice on the legs
  • Do not treat large veins with VG
  • Use the ballet needle for the face
  • Pre treat with dermaka cream
  • Have patient apply dermaka cream post treatment 2-3 times a day till clear
  • If you don’t carry dermaka, cream, I would at least have some available to treat patients and you can direct them to or
  • Doctors carrying dermaka cream:

Peggy Bush, CNS



One thing I am trying to figure out is if it is necessary to use tumescent with Vein Gogh.




You don’t have to use tumescent but it improves patient comfort and helps to speed recovery. Use dermaka and bristle needle at lowest power seeing. No tumescent on face. Not needed due to different type of vein.

Ron Bush