Spiders Veins of the Foot That are Difficult to Clear

The image on the left is a patient with GSV insufficiency and will respond well to sclerotherapy. The patient on the right has no venous insufficiency and responds poorly to sclerotherapy. At the Aesthetic Vein Conference, we will share technique that we have found successful for the treatment of generalized essential telangiectasia.  


4/20/18 Share your VeinGogh Experience   4/20/18 We use VG and have no issues. We probably use our VG here in FL 2-3 times a day with our sclero txs. We use this device on small red veins on the face. Tips: Use ice on the face Use tumescent or ice on the legs Do […]

Flushing After Sclerotherapy

  One of the best techniques to improve results after sclerotherapy is to flush the vein with bacteriostatic water with tumescent solution added. Staining or hemosiderin deposition is eliminated in most patients. The image below is 10 days post treatment. These are larger sized veins with considerable blood volume. Join us at the Aesthetic Vein […]

Become an Expert in Aesthetic Vein Treatment!

Where scientific research in histology and physiology direct clinical applications! One of a kind conference, by Ronald G. Bush, MD, FACS, renowned clinician and researcher. Dr. Bush is a vascular surgeon at Water’s Edge Dermatology in Florida, one of the largest dermatology groups in America. Many of the techniques presented are based on studies that have […]

Treating Spider Veins Using Bacteriostatic Water as the Diluent!

This is an image of a 1 mm spider vein treated with 0.15% Polidocanol diluted with ½ normal saline. The histology reveals there is potentiated damage by diluting saline with bacteriostatic water.   However, the damage is not sufficient in this larger vein but, would be in a vein less than 0.5 mm. In our […]