Treating Spider Veins Using Bacteriostatic Water as the Diluent!

This is an image of a 1 mm spider vein treated with 0.15% Polidocanol diluted with ½ normal saline. The histology reveals there is potentiated damage by diluting saline with bacteriostatic water.


However, the damage is not sufficient in this larger vein but, would be in a vein less than 0.5 mm. In our upcoming symposium, ‘Aesthetic Vein Conference’, there is detailed information on normal and abnormal venous histology which, gives great insight into appropriate treatment.


Aesthetic Vein Conference, is the only conference that focuses on histology and pathophysiology to determine the appropriate treatment.




Next conference – April 14, 2018

Hilton Palm Beach Airport

Ronald Bush, MD, FACS – Course Director

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