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One of a kind conference, by Ronald G. Bush, MD, FACS, renowned clinician and researcher. Dr. Bush is a vascular surgeon at Water’s Edge Dermatology in Florida, one of the largest dermatology groups in America. Many of the techniques presented are based on studies that have been done in the dermatopathology lab.


This image is of a patient with angiogenesis. This is but one of many histological specimens that I have studied in the laboratory. You will notice in the image the hair follicle and exocrine glands, which are essential for repair of any damage that occurs to the epidermis during treatment for spider veins.

Our upcoming conference, will focus on many topics including the approach to venous disease by histologic examination. Find out how histological studies will change the way you treat venous disease.  Ron Bush, MD, FACS


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A few of the topics covered….

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Proceeds will benefit Animal Sanctuary Florida!




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