Dermaka Cream May Help Many Patients  With Skin Discoloration

Discoloration is often difficult and frustrating for patients and physicians alike.  Discoloration of the skin can occur from a multitude of causes, ranging from sun exposure, venous disease, fluid retention, genetics, injury, and even dryness.   Until now, health care professionals, have had limited options available due to the long list of possible and very real side effects that a patient may acquire while attempting to clear their discoloration.   Many countries have begun the process or have declared prescription skin bleaching creams as harmful to individuals. This is a very real and frightening concept for healthcare professionals.  But of course, right on cue, Mother nature wags her finger at these ideas and shows us how she has and always will provide a natural effective alternative.  Licorice Root Extract is an all-natural skin brightening and lightening ingredient found in Dermaka cream.


Prescription based products to lighten or brighten the skin when they are used have recommended limitations in regard to the length of time that a patient can safely treat an area.  This is frustrating, due to the fact that not all conditions associated with discoloration and or the degree of darkened skin can be corrected at the same rate of time, leaving many patients partially treated.  Now comes the famous question.  When is it safe to repeat the prescription-based skin lightening cream?


Dermaka due to its all-natural ingredients allows not only for a more natural, effective approach, but also permits patients to safely treat the underlying conditions with no time limit. Dermaka cream is completely safe due to its all-natural ingredients unless allergies to ingredients are present which, is rarely found.


The last and also very real consideration when choosing a skin brightening cream for patients is cost versus body surface area (BSA).  The average cost for an over the counter skin brightener is $75.00 for 1oz. Considering the amount that it would take to cover both legs in a patient that is requesting a realistic option, this is not a good or even mediocre option.  Moving onto prescription-based skin lighteners and brighteners, the average cost associated with these products are is $67.00 for about 28.35-gram tube.  Once again, we are asked if this is a realistic option to treat a BSA of more than 1%, followed by the degree of unwanted pigment as mentioned above. Will the patient be able to provide not only enough product in cost but in the length of time needed to complete the task at hand?


Dermaka offers practices and patients a 4oz jar at the cost of $32.00.  This is an affordable option that may help lighten skin discoloration.  #mothernatureknowsbest #treatwithouttherisk #dermakafordiscoloration #licoricerootextract #naturaloptions #unwantedpigmentation

Written by Lee Grier, LG Clinician Consulting, LLC

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