Dermaka Cream May Help Many Patients  With Skin Discoloration

Discoloration is often difficult and frustrating for patients and physicians alike.  Discoloration of the skin can occur from a multitude of causes, ranging from sun exposure, venous disease, fluid retention, genetics, injury, and even dryness.   Until now, health care professionals, have had limited options available due to the long list of possible and very real […]

VeinGogh For Small Red Veins

  This patient was treated with Sotradecol 0.1% liquid and then the small red veins get treated with VeinGogh. Pretreat area with alcohol, then dermaka cream. Using dermaka cream will minimize the puckering and promote healing. Ballet needle for the smaller red facial veins, especially around the nose. 15-20% power 0.3 pulses/0.3 pulses Bristle needle for […]