Testimonial From Fareeha Khan, MD, FACC

“Dr.Bush is a man who best embodies what is, or what should be, at heart of the medical profession: generosity. I was fortunate enough to witness first hand his genuine interest in venous innovation. And perhaps most tellingly, Dr. Bush reminded my why precisely chose to pursue vascular fellowship all those years ago: a desire to push oneself above and beyond . He is a pioneer, an innovator who has rejected the status quo and has instead pursued new and great frontiers. His curiosity is a creative force- in the span of his career he has pioneered phlebectomy of the hand and facial veins, refined the methodology of endovenous thermo ablations, and conducted cutting edge research on the pathophysiology of chemical ablation. And unlike other such great minds, Dr. Bush is not close-fisted with his knowledge. With an open heart and open mind, Dr. Bush imparted upon me an invaluable skill set, one which I eagerly look forward to putting to use in the years to come. It is rare to meet a man of such caliber, a physician of such skill, or a mentor of such sincere commitments. It is rarer still to encounter them all in one individual. Through his success, Dr. Bush has empowered me succeed; he is, without doubt,  an incredible asset to the medical community.”

Fareeha I Khan MD FACC
Virginia Heart and Vascular Institute