Dilated Temporal Veins After Facial Plastic Surgery

Dilated facial veins commonly occur after facial plastic procedures. Most commonly of these is from forehead lifts and are the result of increased drainage through the scalp veins. Foam sclerotherapy is 100% effective using the correct techniques. Find out more at the Aesthetic Vein Conference, West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel, April 27l, 2019, or you […]

What Concentration of Foam Sclerosant Should You Use?

October 13, 2018 – West Palm Beach, Florida – Marriott Hotel! At the Aesthetic Vein Conference, learn about the ideal sclerosant concentrations for foam based on extensive histological studies. Presented nowhere else.     “Thank you so much for your seminar on vein treatment. I learned more in 8 hours with you than I have […]

Consider attending the ‘Aesthetic Vein Conference,’ West Palm Beach, Florida, April 14, 2018 or October 13, 2018, where you will learn how to safely and effectively treat spider veins, face veins, hand veins and so much more. Improve your patient outcomes!  One day conference that will change how you treat your patients. Director – Ronald […]